Our goal is to automate business processes that waste people's time.

Assemblio values every employee. Unnecessarily complex or lengthy processes not only cause additional costs, but irrevocably cost the employee's lifetime. Especially processes that mentally exhaust an employee lead to decreasing productivity and motivation. This was already described by Taiichi Ohno in the Lean philosophy as 'respect for the employee'. Therefore, it is our vision to automate such processes as far as possible by using Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we use gamification and user-experience based design to simplify non-automatable processes in a way that makes them even fun.

With Assemblio Assembly Composer and KIM, the first cornerstone for the product development and assembly of the future has been laid. Our vision is to extend this philosophy to all business areas of a company.

The Company

Founded in 2022 in Stuttgart from the Fraunhofer IPA, Assemblio has set itself the goal of revolutionizing assembly planning. We use artificial intelligence techniques, web-based development and gamification to smartly automate previously labor-intensive and strenuous processes and turn them into a positive experience for the end user. It is clear to us that people will continue to be a central component of production and assembly - which is why we design our technologies to provide the best possible support.

Illustration Vision
Company Group Picture
The Beginning
The Fraunhofer IPA starts research in the field of computer aided assembly
March 2017
First Steps
Entry in to the Fraunhofer AHEAD Bootcamp with 50.000 € of funding
January 2020
Full Steam Ahead
Beginning of EXIST funding by the BMWK with a seven digit sum
January 2022
Founding of Assemblio GmbH
July 2022

The Team

Dissatisfied with the current state of assembly planning and overcomplicated assembly support systems, we set ourselves the goal of fundamentally revolutionizing it. In doing so, we rely on a strong team that develops solutions with the customer in focus.
Profile Picture Alexander Neb
Alexander Neb
CEO and Founder
Profile Picture Jens Popper
Jens Popper
Strategical Technology Manager and Founder
Profile Picture Greg Rauhöft
Greg Rauhöft
Operational Technology Manager and Founder
Profile Picture Florian Strieg
Florian Strieg
Development Manager and Founder