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» Using AI and gamification to revolutionise assembly planning!

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We are enablers, pioneers and dreamers who believe in the extraordinary potential of technology to revolutionise assembly processes and, in turn, businesses.

Our mission is to equip organisations with groundbreaking solutions that catapult them to the top of their industries and make life easier for everyone with touchpoints in assembly planning.

With a perfect combination of expertise, creativity and a customer-centric approach, we are rewriting the rules of digital transformation and software development.

Effective Onboarding

With the first true AI assembly assistant KIM, onboarding has never been more intuitive!
All work steps can now be learned in no time.

92 % faster assembly planning

Assembly documents can be created quickly and easily with the Assembly Composer (AI-supported editor).

Focus ­ on people

Our Assembly Suite puts people back at the centre of everything that is done. The goal: to make tasks easier, to value the individual.

» What makes our solution special

Every product that consists of more than two components requires an assembly plan. However, assembly planning requires expert knowledge and is still extremely time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Assemblio enables people to plan 92% faster than with current solutions through the use of AI and gamification.

Assemblio is therefore no less than the first real solution for assembly planning and generates binding documents completely automatically. All information can be reused in the form of videos, PDF instructions and assistance systems.

Our software makes it possible to plan and assemble complex products quickly and without errors!

» What does Assemblio offer?

With Assemblio, not only is the assembly effort reduced to a minimum, but errors are also reduced in the lead-up to assembly. Without time-consuming learning processes.

With the Assembly Suite, CAD models are used for assembly planning. Your assembly plans are created intuitively with just a few clicks. No more manually taken screenshots! Why? Simply load the CAD model and get started.

As a SaaS product, no additional hardware or installation is required.

Assembly planning giving you a headache?
I am happy to answer all your questions!

» Assemblio is the future

Head of Institution Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauernhansl

"What intelligent assembly planning can mean is shown, for example, by the solution from Assemblio. The outsourcing from Fraunhofer IPA will certainly influence the future development of production."

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With focus on the topic "Intelligent Automated Assembly Planning" in the areas of efficiency increase and cost optimisation, we will show you in the webinar what Assemblio can do and answer your questions!


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