Assembly Composer

The step from product development to assembly is still a cost-intensive hurdle for most companies. The reason: Determining assembly sequences and creating assembly instructions turns out to be a very time-consuming process due to the high manufacturing complexity. The experts have to pay attention to sequences, assembly instructions and completeness, and prepare this information in a suitable form for production. Errors often occur in this process, which are only noticed during assembly. All this costs a company time and money and is detrimental to product quality.

This is where the Assembly Composer from Assemblio can help. With the help of an easy-to-use editor, assembly planners can disassemble the product step by step and thus intuitively determine the assembly sequence. The user is supported by artificial intelligence, as well as by other auxiliary functions that suggest parts to be disassembled, as well as dismantling directions. Finally, the Assembly Composer generates the required assembly instructions from this information. In addition to determining the assembly sequence, other editors can also be used to generate documents in PDF format, videos or 3D instructions. As a result, assembly can be planned up to 92% faster, requires up to 73% less preparation and leads to 55% fewer planning errors.

Assembly Composer shortens the time it takes your company to get a product into production - so your team can get back to what's important.

Illustration Assembly Composer
Illustration Assembly Composer
KIM. The intelligent assembly assistant

The number of variants in production is constantly increasing - and with it the demands on assembly. More and more variants have to be manufactured with deviating plans. To meet these challenges, KIM supports the worker with interactive assembly instructions.

The core component of KIM is a touch monitor that is connected to the company network. With the help of a search function, it is always possible to find the instructions that are to be produced, thus eliminating the time-consuming provision of paper instructions. In conjunction with the Assemblio Assembly Composer, 3D instructions can even be provided, allowing the worker to view an assembly process from several angles. This eliminates ambiguities in the assembly process.

Rarely run variants can also be assembled in a flash, even by less experienced specialists. Lengthy training processes are no longer necessary and the knowledge of the assembly processes is retained by your company.

Information from assembly can also be fed back via KIM. This means that assembly and product development are always at the same level of information.

KIM - the intelligent assembly assistant that reliably provides your workers with the information they need.

Illustration Assembly Composer